What's On

Please bare with us whilst we finalise the details, but rest assured the organisers are working very hard to bring an exciting and enjoyable ijtema for all.


This year the programme will look a bit different to normal years due to the current restrictions. But this does not mean the organisers are taking any shortcuts on the quality or the standard of the events. What we are planning however is the following:

  • Academics Competitions – syllabus can be found below.

  • Sports Zone – sports might look a little different this year to previous years, but that doesn’t mean we will be taking any shortcuts.

  • The Hub – the go to place to meet old friends and make new ones. This is the place to be for engaging and enjoyable activities. The details are being finalised but we are planning for an outdoor section of the hub as well (weather dependant!).

  • Recreational Zone – In addition to the sports competitions, we plan to bring you further recreational activities for your challenge and enjoyment.

Watch this space for the programme as soon as it is finalised!

Academic Syllabus

The final competitions and entry details are being finalised, but the Ijtema syllabus can be found below.

Download Here

Sports Rules & regulations

The final sports programme is being finalised and will be released as soon as it is available. This year expect the sports to be a little different due to the change in conditions, but the organisers are working hard at bringing innovative new sports and activities for your enjoyment.

Ijtema hub

As with previous years, the Ijtema Hub is the place to be for new and exciting activities outside of sports and academics. The objective behind the hub is for a place for Khuddam to gather and meet each other, and take part in interesting and engaging activities. Watch this space to see what will be finalised for the Ijtema Hub this year!

New ahmadis

We want to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all our brothers to participate and engage in. So as with every year there will be dedicated parts of the programme for New Ahmadi’s which we will share as soon as we can confirm details.

For more information, please speak to the national New Ahmadis team: newahmadis@khuddam.co.uk

Food & Drink

A full menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner will be available for Khuddam and Atfal from for the two days of Ijtema (take away dinner will be available on Sunday on request).

Every year feedback is taken to ensure food of high quality is delivered. The menu will be shared as soon as it has been finalised, but continues to prove to be an ever-popular feature of the Ijtema.

If you have any questions or concerns over allergens then please speak to the Nazim Ziafat, Ihsan Qureshi (ihsan.qureshi@khuddam.co.uk).


Due to the current restrictions, there will be a limited bazaar and tuck shop this year. When visiting please ensure you follow social distancing guidelines to ensure everyone safety.