I want to play for my regional team, but they do not have a team, can I still play?

We don’t want to deny any one from participating, we suggest you get in touch with your Local or Regional Nazim Atfal. If not speak to a member of the SEJ team when you get to the Ijtema.

I want to participate in both academics and sports, can I?

Yes! Each area has an allocated time for academics and sports. The two shouldn’t overlap.

I don’t know what region I’m in, what shall I do?

When you register at Ijtema, the registration team will be able to tell you.

Can I take part in more than one sport?

Yes! There may be some fixture clashes in the schedule for but speak to the SEJ team at Ijtema and we will try to facilitate as many teams as we can.

Football/Cricket/Athletics isn’t really my thing, is there anything else I can do during the sports session?

Yes! The indoor games marquee has games and activities for all ages and abilities.

Do I need to pre-register to take part?

The forms are at the top of this page.

Yes! Please take special care to register your participation via the Ijtema website or through the promotion material shared in the build up of the Ijtema. If you have any questions you should speak to your Local or Regional Sehat-e-Jesmani Nazim, or your Local Qaid/Atfal Nazim.