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The Legend of Uhud

Who was Hazrat Talha (ra)?

Hazrat Talha (ra) was among the first eight fortunate Muslims who embraced Islam at its inception. Hazrat Talha (ra) was given the glad tiding of paradise in his own life by the Holy Prophet (sa) - thus he was among the Ashra Mubashra.

He is described as a dark-skinned man with a lot of wavy hair, a handsome face with a narrow nose. He liked to wear saffron-dyed clothes and musk. He walked swiftly and when nervous, he would toy with his ring. Hazrat Talha (ra) was a successful cloth-merchant who eventually left an estate estimated at 30 million Dirhams.

During the Migration Hazrat Talha was bringing a caravan back to Makkah from Syria, on the way he met the Holy Prophet (sa) and Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra) and gifted them fine Syrian garments.

Hazrat Talha (ra) is famous for his bravery displayed during the Battle of Uhad. The Holy Prophet once said that, there was a time during the battle of Uhad when no one was around apart from Hazrat Gabriel on his right and Talha on his left. Hazrat Talha (ra) was known as Sahib-e-Uhad meaning The Legend of Uhad.

Companions use to say that “ the Battle of Uhad was the Day of Talha” (due to his courage and bravery)

The famous incident of Uhad

At the Battle of Uhad Muslims pulled back due to intense onslaughts of opponents. While the Holy Prophet (sa) and a handful of companions were still in the battlefield. Disbelievers tried to take full advantage of the situation and pivoted their entire force around the Holy Prophet (sa) and the companions.

One disbeliever marched forward and attacked the Holy Prophet (sa) with his sword, Hazrat Talha (ra) immediately placed his hand forward and thus lost his fingers protecting the Holy prophet (sa). Then archers began fired arrows towards the Holy Prophet (sa), again Hazrat Talha (ra) stood in front of him like a wall and shielded the Holy Prophet (as) over his own life. Whilst doing so he saw an arrow emerging towards Holy Prophet (sa) and raised his hand in front of him and received injury which paralysed his hand forever.

Then when the Holy Prophet (sa) was severely wounded during the Battle, Hazrat Talha (ra) accompanied the Holy Prophet (sa) to the mountain nearby, in order to provide shelter. At this occasion the Holy Prophet (sa) said: O Talha! Jibra’il has come and he conveys salam to you and gives you good news of paradise.

Hazrat Talha (ra) demonstrated great courage and determination at the Battle of Uhad. He loved Islam, he relished the company of the Holy Prophet (sa) and thus, was ever ready to sacrifice himself for him. That was his Jihad.

Times have changed, we are not required to fight battles with swords and arrows, we need not protect Islam and the noble character of the Holy Prophet (sa) with sword and shields rather our Jihad is of a different nature.

What is our Jihad?

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) stated:

“You should all be like the hand of Talha – defending the honour and reputation of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) at every level. And in the same way you must defend the character of the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) against all false allegations that are raised. And the best way to fulfil these objectives is to first of all reform yourself, as only then will you be able to reform the rest of the world”.

(Inauguration of Jamia Ahmadiyya UK, 2012)

It does not end here! Our Jihad is to observe 5 daily prayers, our Jihad is to undertake financial sacrifices, our Jihad is to be ever ready like Hazrat Talha (ra) to sacrifice our life, time and honour for the sake of our faith. Above all our Jihad is to be obedient servants of Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih.