• MKA Isha'at

Five Things We Can Learn from the Battle of Uhud

We have all grown up hearing stories of the Battle of Uhud - a battle in which 1000 Muslims faced 3000 disbelievers. The very fact that the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) has been called the perfect model means that his every step was something we can learn from. Here are 5 things we can learn from the Battle of Uhud:

1. As Khuddam it is our duty to defend Islam: just as Hazrat Talha (ra) and various other companions surrounded the Holy Prophet (sa) at the fiercest moment in the battle and used their own bodies to protect their beloved Imam. We as Khuddam should never allow any harm to come to our Khalifah - rather we should ensure that we are the first in line to defend him.

2. We should never leave the battlefield: despite the fact that the battle grew fiercer and more and more companions began to be martyred when Khalid bin Waled launched an attach from the rear - the Muslims did not retreat or leave the side of their beloved prophet (sa). In the same whatever duty we have been assigned we should ensure its completion to the best of our abilities. Hazrat Talha (ra) sustained many injuries, but he never left the battlefield.

3. Permission to conduct Jihad is always sought by the Imam: at the battle of Uhud before engaging with the enemy it was always the Holy Prophet (sa) who issued instructions before Muslims acted upon them - even when Hazrat Talha (ra) was using his hand as a shield to defend the Holy Prophet (sa) he was always listening to and following the guidance of the Holy Prophet (sa). This means that as Khuddam we should follow the Nizam-e-Jama'at and conduct our Jihad in line with the wishes of the Khalifah.

4. Jihad is conducted despite lack of resources: during the early battles some Companions hardly has shoes to wear but were always eager to join the Muslim army for Jihad. We should follow this example and carry out our Jihad with the resources we have to the best of our ability. Our duty does not stop if there are no resources.

5. The Jihad of today is the same as the battle of Uhud: the only difference is that Jihad of the sword has ended. Today the attacks on Islam are made through the pen, which means that we too should take up defending the honour of Islam through the written or spoken word.