Please see below useful number of articles relating to questions you may have about this year's ijtema 

We’ll be continuously adding to this list but if you need to enquire about the ijtema that is not listed below, please email ijtema@khuddam.co.uk.

There are two sections below: one for the Hub Events and one for the National Ijtema.

National Ijtema

Will I have to wear a facemask or face covering?

During Ijtema and any other event organised by Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya we are requesting all attendees to wear face masks. The government is still recommending the use of facemasks or coverings to be worn in crowded indoor environments. As everyone moves at their own pace as society reopens it is important, now more than ever, to be respectful of those around us. As an organisation we are encouraging the use of facemasks or coverings when you meet in an indoor or outdoor spaces. We understand that this might not be possible in all situations, especially when you are eating or drinking, therefore we ask you to be considerate of your peers and give people extra space if you choose or are unable to wear a mask.

Can I bring my Tifl to Ijtema and will there be arrangements made?

You can bring your son to Ijtema if they are strictly older than 12, due to covid restriction we will not be able to make additional arrangements for guests as we are trying to maximise arrangements for Khuddam and Atfal at Ijtema.

Will social distancing be required for Ijtema?

As we cautiously reopen events, we will require social distancing in certain areas or situations, be respectful of others and be aware of personal space. Please respect these rules and follow guidance from the event management team.

Can I shake hands or hug people?

We understand this is a highly emotional time and it's been a prolonged period where you haven't seen your fellow Khuddam and Atfal brothers. However, we need to ensure we keep everyone safe including yourselves whilst attending. Therefore if we can refrain from hand shaking and hugging. Bumping of elbows is permitted.

What about cleaning regimes and fresh air?

We will be conducting a risk assessment for our event with specific focus on how we are COVID-secure. With this in mind, we will be promoting enhanced cleaning regimes and good ventilation in the venue.

Self-testing and vaccine passports?

We will be asking attendees that have been vaccinated to provide evidence of a ‘vaccine passport' to attend the ijtema. Everyone over 18 will require proof of two vaccines. Everyone aged 16 and 17 requires proof of one dose since they are being offered the vaccine. We encourage everyone to self-test using later flow testing which is available from your local pharmacy. This test should be no more than 24 hours before your arrival. You will be asked to show proof of negative test by uploading your test results to the NHS app (separate to the NHS test and trace app) or website (https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result).

Why are you requiring people to have a vaccine to attend?

During this current time where a pandemic has still not been fully contained and new variants are appearing, we have decided for everyone’s safety to ask everyone who can to be vaccinated. This ensures their risk of having severe reactions to the virus is reduced. The risk of passing on the virus is also reduced. The safety of all guests is the number one priority for us.

COVID positive results & isolation

In line with government advice, we are encouraging anyone with any covid symptoms, please stay away from the event to protect your fellow brothers and book a PCR test immediately. If you have been asked to self isolate please follow this advice and do not attend the event.

Will accommodation be provided?

Please see accomodation page.

What is the latest time I have to be vaccinated by to be allowed to attend?

If you have had second dose prior to 10th Sept then you can attend.

If I travelled abroad will I be able to attend the event?

If you travelled abroad 14 days prior to the event please do not attend the event.

What is the criteria to attend the event?

Those over the age of 18 (turned 18 before the 1 June 2021) must conform to below requirements:
1. Double vaccinated 7 days prior to the event
2. Negative LFT 24 hours before event
3. No temperature
4. Have not travelled within the last 14 days outside of UK.
16 – 17 year olds (turned 16 before the 1 Aug 2021)
1. Single vaccine 7 days prior to the event
2. Negative LFT 24 hours before event
3. No temperature
4. Have not travelled within last 14 days outside of UK. 12-15 year olds
1. Negative LFT 24 hours before event
2. No temperature
3. Have not travelled within last 14 days outside of UK.

Can I car share or come in shared transport?

Our advice is if you are in the same family bubble then yes this is safe to do. Otherwise, any arrangement outside of that you should ensure appropriate measures like mask wearing in place and LFT completed if joining non-family members. Again, ensure there is appropriate ventilation and a restricted number of people to have some level of social distancing.

What measures will be in place for the safety of guests?

The first safety measure in place are restrictions to ensure people attending are vaccinated, have a negative lateral flow test, and are not symptomatic. We will also require attendees to wear masks and follow social distancing measures.

Will food be served at the ijtema?

Yes, we will serve food at ijtema and ensure we meet the required food and safety standards. This will involve us packaging food for those attending the ijtema and having a dedicated dining marquee where food will be served and eaten.

Will there be a bazaar?

There will be a limited bazaar and tuck shop this year. When visiting please ensure you follow social distancing guidelines to ensure everyone's safety.

Will there be carparking arrangements?

Yes, there will be on-site car parking.

Will Huzoor-e-Aqdas (aba) be at the event?

As always, our desire is to have our beloved Khalifa’s presence at such events. A submission has gone into Huzoor Aqdas (aba) office and we await further guidance and instructions. As soon as we are aware we will advise you.

What are the dates for the Ijtema?

The Ijtema this year will take place on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of September.

Where is the Ijtema happening?

Old Park Farm,
Sickles Lane,
GU35 9PD,

I do not have transport, who can I speak to?

If you do not have transport speak to your local Qaid or your regional Qaid.

What will I need to bring with me?

1. Aims ID 2. Topi and Prayer Mat 3. Covid passport (if applicable) 4. Sports equipment 5. Confirmation of negative LFT 6. Weather appropriate clothing

Where can I find the ijtema programme?

Please visit www.ijtema.org.uk

What covid precautions are recommended on site?

Everyone is requested to wear a mask at all times.
Social distancing will be enforced esepcially in an indoor setting.
Wash your hands with soap regularly.
Apply vicks to your nasal passages.
Take homeopathic medication for prevention.

Will there be arrangements made for children with disabilities as in previous years?

In planning for this year's National Ijtema, being the first National Ijtema since the rise of the Coronavirus pandemic, we evaluated the possibilities for arranging a dedicated space and support network for Atfal and Khuddam brothers with health conditions or impairments. These are arrangements that we generally make every year. Regrettably, due to various Covid related restriction, we are not able to provide the appropriate support and facilities this year. In particular, we are unable to provide appropriately trained staff that can serve our Khuddam and Atfal brothers with health conditions and impairments. We realise that we must do better in the future and it is a cause of deep regret and anguish that we cannot provide the service that our brothers require this year. To address this, we plan to accelerate the training of Khuddam over the coming year and, in the interim, arrange another event for those brothers not able to attend the forthcoming Ijtema. We then look forward to welcoming our brothers to the 2022 National Ijtema, where we hope to provide them with an exceptional Ijtema experience, Insha'Allah.