MKA Sports 2019

The Rules and Regulations for the sports competitions are below :-




Tournament Overview

There will be three
separate weight categories:

1) Lightweight up to

2) Middleweight 75 –

3) Heavyweight 85kg+

Each weight category
will have 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place winner’s medals

The strong man will be
a timed competition, with a full circuit consisting of 10 events,
this will be head to head challenge with competitors in the same



1. Clean & Press – 1 set of 10 reps

Squat down with a
straight back and grab the barbell with an overhand grip. In one
swift movement, lift the barbell to your shoulders and sink back

down into a squat. Push
up through your heels and extend your arms to press the barbell above
your head. Lower safely to your shoulders and drop

back to the floor while
maintaining a straight back.


2. Falmers Walks – 40 Metres fast walking.

Keep your shoulders as
tight as possible, whilst holding the weight. Straighten Your Back –
Keep your lower back and pelvis aligned throughout the



3. Push – Up

Start by positioning
yourself on the floor with your face down, your palms on the floor
shoulder-width apart, and the balls of your feet touching the

ground. Push yourself
up, keeping your body in a straight line and your elbows pointed to
your toes.


4. Sand bag run – 25kg – 40m run

Lift the sand bag with
the handles, place behind your head and run.


5. Burpees – 1 x set of 10 reps

Stand with your feet
shoulder-width apart, weight in your heels, and your arms at your
sides. Push your hips back, bend your knees, and lower your

body into a squat.
Place your hands on the floor directly in front of, and just inside,
your feet. Shift your weight onto your hands.

Jump your feet back to
softly land on the balls of your feet in a plank position. Your body
should form a straight line from your head to heels.

Jump your feet back so
that they land just outside of your hands. Reach your arms over head
and explosively jump up into the air. Land and

immediately lower back
into a squat for your next rep.


6. Floor Crawl – 15metres length

Get down on all fours
with your arms straight, hands below your shoulders, and your knees
bent 90 degrees below your hips. …

Keeping your back flat,
crawl forward and backward moving opposite hands and feet in unison
(right hand and left foot, left hand and right foot).


7. Car Pull – 15 metres length

A harness & strap
will be provided. Help will also be provided to wear the equipment.


8. Dumbbell Walking Lunge – 40 metres

Begin standing with
your feet about hip-width apart and holding dumbbells in your hands
down by your side.

Step forward with one
leg, flexing the knees to drop your hips.

Drive through the heel
of your lead foot and extend both knees to raise yourself back up.


9. Medicine ball slams – 1 x set of 10 reps –
8kg Ball

Normal sit up position.
As you come up you must throw the ball to the referee each time &
be prepared for the ball to come back to you for the next sit up.


10. Tyre Pulls – x 10 flips

Tyre must be flat on
the ground after each flip. Tyre MUST NOT be bounced on each flip.

The judges for each
event have the final say. The judges’ decisions are not negotiable.


Behaviour Guidelines:

Profanity or criticism
of any kind directed towards judges, score keepers, or other
competitors will result in disqualification from the competition and

will be asked to leave.

Excessive profanity
during competition will be handled with a one warning policy

We ask that all
competitors assist in spotting to promote a safe and fair environment
for everyone

Cheating of any kind
will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification


Supportive equipment that IS allowed:


Knee sleeves for knee
support only


Single ply lifting

Weight lifting shoes


Supportive equipment that is NOT permitted:

Wrist wraps

Knee wraps

Elbow sleeves/ elbow

Benching suit

Squat suits


Equipment Provided:

Car Pull Harness and


of War Rules


  1. The competition will be played


  1. Each region will be permitted to
    enter 1 team.


  1. The tournament is a
    knockout format comprising of 5 Rounds (1st Round, 2nd
    Round, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Final).


  1. Each team will
    consist of 8 players.


  1. A line will be
    marked on the ground and aligned with the centre (red) mark on the
    rope. There will be two white markings either side of the rope,
    equidistant to the red mark. The team that pulls the opposition’s
    white mark past the centre line will be deemed the winner of the


  1. Each match will be a
    best of 3 pulls, with the team winning 2 out of the 3 pulls
    determined as the winner. Teams will alternate sides after each


  1. No part of the body
    shall touch the ground other than the feet.


  1. The judge will
    determine the start of each pull with 3 calls:


  1. “Pick up the rope”
  2. “Take the strain” – Each team takes the
    slack out of the rope
  3. “Pull” – The judge will blow the whistle
    and each team will pull


  1. The judge’s decision is final.


  1. Each team should be present 15 mins prior to
    their fixture. The judge reserves the right to disqualify any team
    not present for their fixture timing.


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(Coming soon)




  • The tournament will be a regional
    event, similar in format to Tennis’ Davis Cup
  • Each team will consist of 1
    captain and 2/3 other players from the region.
  • First rounds group matches will be
    played in the indoor sports marquee after Isha prayers on
    evening. Second round onwards will be played on Saturday evening.
  • The regional captain will be
    nominated by the Region’s SeJ Nazim, who will forward
    contact details to the National SeJ department.

Entry Submission


  • The team captain must be nominated by the Regional SeJ Nazim and approved by the Regional Qaid.
  • The team captain will then choose a team of between 3-4 players whose AIMS tajneed is already registered with that region before the Ijtema. (Minimum 3 players, maximum 4).
  • National SeJ team reserves the right to exclude any entrants who have failed to follow this protocol.
  • At the discretion of National SeJ team, multiple teams per region can be entered into the tournament, but this must be communicated by the Regional SeJ Nazim before the tournament draw takes place on Sunday 16 September.

Tournament Rules



  • Each team must be ready to start their fixture when announced.
  • If a team of at least 3 players is not present to start their fixture on time they will forfeit the match.
  • It is the responsibility of each team to ensure they are familiar with these rules.

Tournament Format


  • First round is a group stage.
  • Top 2 regional teams in each group
    will qualify for the knockout rounds. Number of rounds to
    confirmed on the day depending on the number of entries received.
  • If top 2 teams cannot be
    determined after the group stage is completed, then the team
    won the most number of matches will go through. If this is
    identical, then the team that won
    the most sets will go through.
    If this remains identical then the team that won the most
    points will go through. If this remains identical, the
    winner will be decided by a toss of a coin.

Regional Fixture Format


  • There will be a total of 3 single
    matches per fixture and 1 doubles match.
  • The first match will consist of
    the captains of each team playing each other. The second and
    match will consist of 2 other players playing against each other,
    for which the match up
    will be determined by the toss of a coin.
    The fourth match will consist of doubles format.

Match Format


  • Each match will be best of 3
    games. Each game will be first to 11 points. There is a time limit
    of12 mins for each match to be completed. If the match is not
    completed, then the player who is ahead at the end of the time limit
    will be declared the winner. If scores are level, an extra point
    will be played to determine the winner.
  • The winner of the fixture will be
    awarded 3 points
  • The loser of the fixture (or if
    fixture is forfeited) will be awarded 0 points.

Match Rules


  • The right to choose the initial order of serving, receiving and ends is decided by toss of a coin and the winner may choose to serve or to receive first or to start at a particular end. When one player has chosen to serve or receive first or to start at a particular end, the other player has the other choice. Ends are changed at the conclusion of each game.
  • At the start of service the ball must be resting freely on the stationary open palm of the server’s free hand, behind the end line and above the level of the playing surface. The server must then throw the ball almost vertically up, without imparting spin, so that it rises at least
    16cm after leaving the palm of the free hand and then falls without touching anything before being hit. You must strike the ball as it is on its way down. You cannot hide the ball with your body or arm during serve. As the ball is falling the server hits it so that it touches his court
    first and then, after passing over or around the net assembly, touches the receiver’s court.
    Once you toss the ball, the ball is in play and you cannot catch the ball and re-serve. The entire serve (from toss to first contact with racket) must start behind the end line and above the table surface. If the ball hits the net on serve, a let is called and there is no limit of number of
    lets that can be called. If the service is not good, the receiver is awarded a point.
  • After each 2 points have been scored the receiving player becomes the serving player and so on until the end of the game, unless both players have scored 10 points when the sequences of serving and receiving are the same but each player serves only 1 point in turn.
  • All other normal Table Tennis rules apply per the ITTF (unless contradicted by these rules),
    refer to link for further details: ​
  • NB: National Sehat-e-Jismani reserves the right to amend any of the above rules
    and regulations as deemed necessary



Rules & Regulations


  1. Tournament
    will be played on an 9-a-side basis.
  2. Each
    team is allowed to use a squad of 15 players per match with ‘roll
    on – roll off’ substitutions.
  3. Keepers
    are permitted to come out of their area and attackers are allowed
    into the area.
  4. Throw
    ins & corners are taken as per a normal 9-a-side match.
  5. The
    ‘back-pass ‘rule to Goalkeepers will be enforced
  6. Tournament

    4 groups with 7 teams in each group.

    Teams will play each team in their group once.

    Following the group stages the top 2 teams from each group will go
    into the quarter finals.
  7. Following
    will be applicable:

    Three points for a win, one point for a draw, zero points for a

    If teams are equal on points, then rankings are decided on the
    following in order:
    Goals scored
    The head-to-head result between the two teams
    Then by a penalty shoot-out.
  8. Draw
    for knockout stages will happen on completion of group games.

    In the event of a knock-out fixture ending in a draw. A penalty
    shoot-out will take place consisting of 3
    step) penalties per side.

    If teams are still level after 3 penalty kicks each, the subsequent
    penalties will be decided on a sudden death basis.
  9. The
    opposing player must stand 7 yards away from any free kicks taken.
  10. The
    game time will start on its allocated time. For whatever reason if a
    team is not ready to kick off at the
    time the clock will continue to run. A team will be penalised by 1
    goal if it’s not ready to kick off when the
    blows his whistle, followed by 1 goal penalty every 5 mins.
  11. Any
    foul language or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and WILL
    result in a red card and suspension.
  12. Bad
    challenges will result in a bookable offence. If any player receives
    a straight red card during the tournament, he
    be banned from competing in the following fixture.
  13. In
    the event of a colour clash, teams listed second will wear bibs.
  14. Each
    team should ensure that they have a kit but if this is not feasible
    then the captain should ensure that the same
    tops are worn by all team members.
  15. Goalkeepers
    must be clearly identified – i.e. a different colour top to the rest
    of his & the opposing team.
  16. Each
    game will start with a toss of a coin to choose ends and kick off.
    After each goal is scored, the game will
    with a kick-off by the team who have just conceded a goal.
  17. The
    referee’s decision is FINAL.
  18. The
    National Sehat-e-Jismani team reserves the right to amend any of the
    above rules and regulations at any time
    it deems fit.
    your footwear wisely!
    • The
      Sehat-e-Jismani team advises that players wear Astroturf trainers
      due to the condition of the pitches at the
    • The
      ground is very hard and uneven, therefore moulds
      studs aren’t recommended.


(coming soon)



Rules and Regulations


  1. Tournament will be based on fixed
    games if any player wants to play rotation he is allowed
  2. Pool matches will be decided from
    out of three with every game worth 21 points.
  3. Players are free to decide which
    team they want to play for.
  4. Every team will be given five
    minutes of warm up time.
  5. Every team needs to have its own
  6. The points for Semi-Final and
    Final will be based on timing.
  7. No other player except for the
    team captain and Vice-Captain of the team are allowed to speak to
  8. On arguing or showing disrespect
    weather he wants to send the player out of the court or give a point
    against him.
  9. Whatever the referee decides will
    be the final decision.