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a nation cannot be reformed without first reforming its youth






Dear Brothers


 Due to the start of Ramadhan now being confirmed for Monday 30th June, we have had to change the dates of the Ijtema to the weekend before on 20,21,22 June 2014. This is to allow participants to return to their homes in a timely and safe manner rather than rush the night before Ramadhan.


The theme of this year’s Ijtema is “The purpose of the advent of the Promised Messiah”. You will hopefully have seen this theme being developed throughout the year in your activities as well as local and regional ijtema’s. Essentially to try and make man closer to his creator. In this spirit we hope that we can create an atmosphere of brotherhood amongst each other over the three days.


Following on from last year’s highly successful Ijtema we have taken on board feedback, views and ideas from hundreds of participants and have tried to incorporate where practical some of your ideas.

“Salat is an instrument of saving yourself from sin. Salaat has the quality of saving you from sin and from bad deeds. Salaat is the blessing of life. You should be in search of such Salaat. Allah‟s blessings are sought from Salaat in this way, so you should offer Salat with due diligence, so that you can be a recipient of Allah‟s blessings.”

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad . The Promised Messiah (as)






“The object of Khuddamul Ahmadiyya or Jama’at

Ahmadiyya or any auxiliary organization of the

Jama`at is to get the pleasure of Allah and to create

righteousness within us. Hazrat Musleh Mawood(RA)

 who had established these sub-ordinate organizations

had said that our Jama’at should improve in goodness,

righteousness, worship, honesty, truthfulness and

justice to such an extent that not only our people but

also others should witness it. Again he said “In order

to achieve this goal I have launched the movements of

Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, Ansarullah and Lajna

Imaillah. The object of these organizations is not only

to stand firm in goodness within ourselves but also to

inculcate the same in others……. If we intend to fulfill

this object for which Hazrat Masih Mawood(AS) had

appeared, we have to bring about changes in the youth.

The young men shall have to bring changes within

them. We have to bring changes in our children. There

should be some modifications in our elderly people

and also in ladies. Only then we will be true in our

claim that we shall put an end to the violence and

oppressions throughout the world.”


Hazrat Khalifatul  Masih V

Concluding address at Annual Ijtema Khuddamul

Ahmadiyya, UK 19-09-2004








O’ young men of Jama`at! I have something to tell you, but

the condition is that my message should not go a waste.


• I would like to impart some advices to you, so that there is

no blame on me later on.


• When we pass away, the entire burden will be on your

shoulder, so avoid laziness and don’t long for comfort



• Service to the religion itself is a grace of Allah; never ask for

any reward in exchange.


• There should be feelings in the heart and tears in the eyes.

There should be an essence of Islam, rather its name only

within you.


• Do not have egoism in the mind and fire of anger in your

eyes. Don’t have jealousy in the heart and don’t use vulgar



• Think about the welfare of the people. Don’t be critical,

mischievous and a back biter. (19)


• Don’t be greedy, be righteous and contented. Money should

not be dear to you and the richness should not make you an



• The punctuality in prayers and ‘fasting’ should come from

the bottom of the heart. Don’t ignore any part of the



• If you possess wealth, pay Zakat and Sadqa from it. Be

concerned more about the poor .May Allah never show you

the days of sorrow.


• Do remember that the beauty shall not be visible unless there

is veil of Ahram on the shoulder of a Muslim.


• Inculcate the habit of zikr (invoking God’s name). If there is

a love in the heart for beloved, it is not possible to keep quiet

without expression.


• Don’t let wisdom dominate over faith. The ‘wisdom’ itself is

blind if there is no sun of revelation.


• If you find the truth, accept it with pleasure. Do not follow

superstitions in the name of knowledge.


• Do not have enmity with the lovers of the Holy Prophet

Muhammad(SAW). Do not have liaison with whoever is



• Be peaceful always. Never take part in the violence as it

causes worries and problems to the administrators.


• Do understand! Your age, at this moment, is a great blessing.

You may have to repent later on , when once it is lapsed.


• Of course, beauty is good in every respect but be careful

about the one whom you consider wise, is duping you.


• Whether you become a statesman, commander or a scholar,

we will not be happy if there is no Islam within you.


• Be cautious about your respect no doubt, but see that the

other person is not disregarded at the same time.


Whether there is poverty or prosperity, difficulty or luxury,

the preaching of Islam is never be hindered for any reason.


• You might have conquered the whole world but you did

nothing, if your wild soul is not obedient.


• Do not spoil your virtuous deeds by boasting of favour

conferred, lest the relationship with Allah be severed.


• Do not forget that ‘delicacy’ is the fate of a woman but a

man is one who works hard, not with tenderness like that of

a flower.


• Do not be like a honey bee which falls in the glass of wine.

Look at the dirt gathered at the bottom of the glass.


• Remember that nobody gets respect until he is defamed in

the way of Allah.


• The task is very difficult and the destination is very far. O’

my people of loyalty! Never get tired.


• If you follow the path of sincerity and loyalty, you will not

face any difficulty in performing the task.


• O’ dear ones! Don’t make us miserable and disgrace us on

the “Dooms day”. This lesson of loyalty should not go a



• We will perform our duties somehow to the best of our

ability but see that in your times, this mission shall not be



• Dear ones! My prayers are with you. May Allah protect you

always and never be unsuccessful.


• May Allah keep you away from every grief and sorrow. Let

the sun always shine on you and the dusk never appear.




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‘God has appointed knowledge and understanding as the principal means of obtaining a true concept of Islam. Though there are other means for obtaining such knowledge, like fasting, Prayer, supplication and carrying out all the Divine commandments, the number of which exceeds six hundred, yet the knowledge of the Greatness of God and of His Unity and of His attributes of Glory and Beauty is basic for everything. He who has a heedless heart and has no understanding of the Divine, cannot obtain the strength to observe the fast, perform Prayer, make supplication, or occupy himself with doing good. All righteous action is incited by understanding of the Divine and all the other means proceed from it and are its issue.’ (A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 5, pp. 187- 188 - Essence of Islam, Vol. I, pp. 203 – 204)



a nation cannot be reformed without first reforming its youth

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